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Every people likes their car but driving is a different experience altogether.  Long root driving your car on a highway can be really exciting but during peak hours, where the traffic is bumper-to-bumper, it can get exhausting. Bhuola driver on-demand services provide you with much-needed comfort. We guarantee that you will have a comfortable experience when our professional driver takes over the wheel.

+Are there any fees to avail this service?

Yes there are 2 types of memberships. One is free membership which is anyone can join but you will get this service 2 times in a month. Payment needs to be made only once you’ve booked our hourly service charge for driver use. Another is premium membership. Anyone can join with a payment of Rs. 5000/- for one year for hourly driver. This fee is not applicable for monthly or other customizable driver services.

+What is the time of the service? Which locations are you available in?

We take orders between 7 am to 11 pm on all 7 days of the week. Currently, we are operating in Bhubaneswar city. More locations will be launched soon.

+What is the lead time in which i can expect a driver at my doorstep?

From the time of receiving your confirmed booking, a driver can reach the pickup address within 2 hours. For an Out-Station trip, the lead time required to service the order is 1 day before.

+How does the pricing work?

A minimum charge of Rs.500 is applicable for the first 4 hours for free member and Rs.400 for a premium member of every order. After 4 hours, you will be charged Rs.50 for every additional hour for free members and premium members. Also, we will provide coupon offer in special occasion.

+Can i book the driver for an out-station trip?

Yes, you can book the personal service for an outstation trip. Please note that an out-station trip should last for a maximum of 15 days.

+What is the booking time for the order?

Booking of orders for the same day execution closes at 8 pm since no order can start after 9 pm on any day. Booking of early morning orders i.e. orders having a start time from 7 am to 10 am also closes on the previous evening at 10 pm.

+Is there a number, online to which I can text or call for reservation?

Yes, you can book a driver with us by calling on +(91)-674-2560123, 9040005040 / 9040003090, or go to www.bhuola.com for online booking even send SMS with all information to 9040005040/9040003090. But the best way to book with us will be using our website.

+What are the timings at which Drivers are available?

Drivers are available 24x7. At all times, on all days of the week.


+What is the average waiting time once a Driver has been booked?

It depends on the availability of Drivers and the rush of orders at that time. However, we are always trying to process your service immediately, so our Drivers reach you as soon as possible.

+Is there a fee for cancelling a booking?

Yes there is a fee for cancellation.


+Are the Drivers verified?

Yes. We conduct background checks, drug tests, license checks, and criminal records to ensure our Drivers are reliable and safe.

+How are the Drivers monitored?

All our Drivers are monitored by us via telephone or message so we know their location at any point of time. In future we will have plan to connect them via GPS. We also take regular feedback from our customers to ensure that our Drivers meet the high standards that we have set for our service.


+Which cities Bhuola.com operates currently?

Currently, we operate in Bhubaneswar. In future we will expand our service to Cuttack, Puri and Other cities of India.

+Can Bhuola be used for long distances/inter-city travel?

Yes, you can use our driver for road trips to places and cities near Bhubaneswar.


+What are the different modes of payment you support?

While you can simply pay cash/cheque/pay online through our website at the end of the transaction, we also accept all major Debit and Credit cards, net banking if you’re paying through Payubiz itself.

+Is it safe to use Credit/Debit cards on your Website? Do you store payment details?

It is completely safe to use your Credit/Debit cards with us. We have partnered with payment gateway which uses a state-of-the-art encryption technology to ensure that your payment details are completely secure. We handle all transactions through this payment gateway and do not store any details with us.

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